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Making mistakes is part of life!

Every day people are living lives based on convictions they later conclude were not really true to them. That’s basically not a problem – making mistakes is part of life. The problem becomes clear when it dawns on us that we were never open enough to really challenge our convictions – we became stagnated and cocksure. Life is not about knowing – it’s about moving minds, words, emotions and actions in our lives… right to the end.

Not connected
This also spreads into how we do business, treat other people and perceive the “universe” in general. We interpret that we are better or worse human beings based on our results or the lack of them. But being successful or being a failure is not connected directly with value, when we dare to see the human race as also being a spiritual being. Not a spiritual being in the common terminology of something religious – but in the sense that you are leave “something” behind every time you leave; you’re kind of still there – both in the context of leaving a meeting, leaving your family and yes….. leaving life.

When you leave, what you left is taking on its own life…. imagine that, don’t lie to your self, are you proud?

There is something more valuable
Basically you could read this text and think some few thoughts. You could think Christian Campbell is a strange being or you might even get moved by the words. No matter what you decide, this text is written with a purpose: I wrote this because everywhere I meet people, it seems like the most fulfilled humans somehow, in their own way, see beyond their own convictions and start caring about the impressions, the moods and maybe even the love they leave behind.

Never the brilliant
I have spoken with dying people in a hospice. I have spoken with extremely successful business people. I have spoken with “ordinary” people and I have sat with them all one-on-one, no one else around to make an impression on – and when it comes down to what really, really is creating breakthroughs……. it’s never the brilliant business plan we end up talking about. It’s never what makes someone happy on a personal level we are talking about – it’s always about what we left behind through our lives…. and often later builds the most amazing businesses and lives.

This was to you
So I wrote this to leave you with something. Something both my personal and professional life taught me is key….

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