When we leap from an airplane, the ground rushes up to meet us, and there’s no turning back. Without a parachute, we’re entirely dependent on the swift, skillful actions of a team prepared to ensure we land safely, against all odds.

In the world of business, making that jump is akin to operating daily. With a landscape that shifts beneath our feet, transformation is our parachute, our safety net, and our strategy for a controlled, successful landing.

Where Transformation Begins…
Embark on a journey where progress means leaving the familiar behind. Transformation isn’t merely an outcome; it’s a profound commitment to a new existence, a complete redefinition of ‘reality’. Envision a setting where each challenge unfurls as an opportunity for growth, and every barrier reveals a gateway to innovation. Here, hesitation dissolves, giving way to decisive action.

…And Hesitation Ends
Hesitation, not to be confused with thoughtful consideration, is a fleeting moment that holds the weight of a critical decision. To move forward is to wholeheartedly embrace a future dedicated to excellence. It’s a future where risks are not merely taken but are calculated with precision and confidence. Transformation, then, is not a leap made from fear but a stride towards the vast potential that lies ahead.

Don’t Wait. Start Now.
The path of transformation waits for no one. It calls for bravery, a deep understanding, and a relentless determination to look beyond the present limitations. The moment for change is now, laying the groundwork for a future that not only meets potential but surpasses it. This journey is not merely about altering actions but is a fundamental shift in organizational identity.

To embark on this transformative journey, where hesitation is left behind and potential is unleashed, contact us. Our team at The Muunnos Company is ready to support you every step of the way.

Call: +4553535200
Email: cc@muunnos.net

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In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of business, consulting firms face a unique challenge: to continually innovate and provide invaluable insights and solutions to their clients. The most successful consulting firms understand that staying at the forefront requires a blend of strategies and practices. At The Muunnos Company, we embody this ethos through our slogan: “Mastering the Art of causing things to happen.”

Let’s delve into how these firms consistently rise to the occasion:

1. Continuous Learning

Consulting firms recognize that knowledge, coupled with the ability to translate it into tangible business results, is power. They invest in the ongoing education and development of their teams and collaborate closely with stakeholders and business partners. This commitment extends to staying abreast of the latest industry trends, emerging technologies, and best practices, fostering a culture of lifelong learning.

2. Research and Innovation

To remain relevant, consulting firms allocate resources to research and innovation. They understand that yesterday’s solutions may not suffice for today’s challenges. These firms actively explore new methodologies, tools, and approaches, aiming to offer distinctive value to their clients. At The Muunnos Company, our motto, “Everything human about business,” underscores our perpetual curiosity to comprehend the profound impact of human behavior on business results, fostering an ongoing process of conveying this unique knowledge to our clients.

3. Client-Centric Approach

Successful consulting firms place their clients at the core of their endeavors. They take the time to deeply comprehend their clients’ specific challenges and distinct needs. This client-centric approach enables them to tailor their services and provide customized solutions that yield tangible results. At The Muunnos Company, we meticulously analyze how a series of 2 to 5 smaller transformations can create a significant and positive impact on our clients’ businesses.

4. Technology Adoption

Technology serves as a catalyst for change in the consulting realm. Leading firms enthusiastically embrace cutting-edge tools, software, and data analytics to elevate their service delivery. These technological advancements enhance efficiency while providing invaluable insights—insights that pave the way for an even more prosperous future.

5. Thought Leadership

Establishing thought leadership in their respective industries is a common strategy for consulting firms. This entails publishing whitepapers, articles, and reports on pertinent subjects, participating in industry conferences, and contributing to expert panels. Thought leadership positions these firms as authorities and keeps them actively engaged in discussions about industry trends.

6. Networking

Consulting firms grasp the influential role of networks. Cultivating robust connections within the industry and among clients is paramount. Networking empowers firms to remain informed about market fluctuations, secure referrals, and engage in collaborative projects requiring specialized expertise. We welcome you to connect on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/christiancampbell/

7. Agility and Adaptability

In the business world, change can occur in the blink of an eye. Consulting firms capable of swiftly pivoting and adjusting their services are more likely to excel. Agility and adaptability serve as pivotal traits for staying ahead.

8. Client Feedback

Feedback is regarded as a precious gift, and consulting firms treat it as such. Consistently soliciting and acting upon client feedback is fundamental. It helps firms pinpoint areas for enhancement, guaranteeing client satisfaction.

9. Global Reach

For many consulting firms, global expansion is a strategic move. It enables them to explore diverse markets, access a broader client base, and gain insights from various cultural perspectives.

10. Diverse Talent

Firms understand the value of diverse perspectives within their teams, particularly diverse mindsets. Hiring individuals who bring varied viewpoints to the table fosters creativity and innovation in problem-solving. Consulting firms actively seek and promote diversity within their workforce.

In summary, consulting firms that remain at the forefront of their industry grasp the significance of a multi-faceted approach, rejecting overly simplistic worldviews. They prioritize learning, innovation, client relationships, technology, and adaptability. By continually evolving and embracing change, these firms not only maintain their competitive edge but also deliver immense value to their clients in an ever-changing business landscape.

Christian Campbell https://www.linkedin.com/in/christiancampbell/

The Muunnos Company

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Results are easy!

Really, results are easy – so why do we often get overly provoked by this claim? Let’s get to it. Saying results are easy is not the same as saying they come without a price-tag. Results always comes with a price-tag and that boils it down to my point: Results, as everything else, are not worth paying too much for. 

Don’t be the consumer
If we invest in anything it’s clear we must pull out more than we put in, to make it a sensible transaction. If we invest 1 million in a market and “it” only buys for half a million, based on that specific million, it’s clearly not worth the money. But half a million is a result, and it can seem as a good one, if presented with the right tools. But in this specific case, we are in the wrong end of consumption.

I have done it myself

  1. Doubled the turnovers and paid for it with all my time and my health.
  2. Changed the market and paid for it with my friendships and marriage.
  3. Reached my KPI’s and paid for them by drowning myself in hands-on operations and by taking over “the thinking part” in my department.

Name a mistake and I have made it myself or seen others make it. 

To me it’s clear, in business, that the art of causing something to happen MUST come with a clear sense of investing. Not only regarding money but regarding everything that’s on the table:

  1. Time.
  2. People.
  3. Money.
  4. Resources.
  5. Knowledge.
  6. And you name it. 

Instead of simplifying money or simplifying people and so on – we must learn how to:

  1. Survey them all.
  2. Include them all.
  3. And then simplify what we now know into actionable business.

This is what it truly means working smart and then hard.

All this is also a vital part of what you invest in, working with gennembrud.nu. 
When I’m with you, I’m better. When you are with me, you are better. When people join forces with others, they become more and get even better. I believe your success, is my success – and to get you there, I will provoke the best out of you.

Call me +45 53 53 52 00

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It seems like Apple have forgotten the 3 most important arguments why you and I should buy Apple-products:

Listen as podcast

  1. Easy to use
  2. Functional
  3. And saves us time

What can we learn from this?
Apples success-formula is simplification and emotions but now they are back on the fiasco-formula they already have proven not working for them by painting us a more complex and average tech business picture.

Apple in the “Steve Jobs 2.0 is back version” were a marketing monster. We didn’t have to choose what to buy, Apple already decided that by having ONE iPhone, ONE iPod, ONE Apple TV – we just had to lean into the hype and let our emotions make a buying decision.

Now we must THINK. Now we must choose. Now the hype is dead?

Big, strong and slow?
Apple still have a tremendous financial muscle but as we have seen again and again; wits beats power. Are the Apple products just as “great” as in the Steve Jobs days? Yes, they are! But Apple has now left their own success-formula and that might be the first step away from their own greatness. We are as customers no longer part of the “WE” called the “Apple family”, that provided us a personal image – no, we are buying products competing with one another produced by the same company.

That is bad timing, but time will show how Apple deals with this.

So how can you beat Apple?
We can take over the world as being the business giving our customers:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Functional
  3. And saves us time

It is not about “the product”, it’s about being the marketing monster providing the hype we all can lean into and enjoy the ride.

Have a wonderful week.

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As podcast – click here.

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The happy circumstances of business are, if we lack the skills, the visions and the ideas ourselves that we through traditional market analyzes, despite their obvious flaws, and via “the giving the customer what they want paradigm” can create quite ok economic results.

It can also generate quite good business to lie in the slipstream of industries where pioneers disrupt and by that create renewed attention, and we can harvest the low-hanging fruits of it all. This especially if the company using this strategy has the financial muscles to invest more strongly in the market than its competitors.

An important security for financial results

This in fact ensures that we can generate good revenue and earnings even in organizations where the competencies are not freely available, and that also in cultures where motivation is a scarce resource. Fear-based management, the excel-sheet and the business as usual mind-set can create satisfying results. This is a great mechanism and security that many companies master.

Perhaps worth thinking about for an hour

Having said that, it’s an exciting thought to imagine what happens in a company when, besides these traditional virtues, we add other competencies, motivations and visions. If you feel like pursuing this thought, then I’ll play a little with it for the rest of this article – and hope this can bring value to you and your company. If not, fortunately such an article here is quickly and painlessly clicked away from.

What if?

Companies that have successfully built strong economic muscles constantly and proactively invest some of that money in outperforming themselves? This may sound a bit crazy immediately, but conversely, there are always people from the outside who are constantly trying out perform you. Most of the outsiders will fail, but suddenly someone will be successful in trying! And now; it’s better business if this happens from within and not from the outside. I hope the reason for this is clear?

However, “playing” with people who have a completely different mindset and behavior than the rest of the organization, and asking them to constantly “hack” the business model, products, services and methods, to create solid business value has unlimited potential. If this project immediately seems unrealistic, there are serious companies that successfully hire a business provocateur (me) to run this project on their behalf. It is often cheaper, easier to get started with and easier to entrust once the organization is ready.

One of the great many advantages by doing this is that those (internally) who do not want to challenge the status quo can escape this. It is a wonderful freedom to offer one’s employees. This also ensures that only those who want to challenge the same (the status quo) are the only ones who must spend time on the project. Win / win.


That you are constantly creating freedom and time for management to “leave” the rat race and think strategically. And that you spend this time analyzing and pressure-testing own ideas, behaviors and industry logics. It can happen in companies that a management actually never really gets “real” feedback. It may be so, as you rise in the degrees as a leader, and gain more power, that the quality of the feedback you receive is declining. This of course only in organizations where there is a certain number of employees who are afraid of losing their jobs and therefore begin to care for their own job-security before pursuing the company’s interests in achieving increased results.

This sparring is also easily accessible and economically reasonable if you hire the business provocateur (me).

What is this really about?

In fact, there are many many options, and the exciting thing is often if I spend some time adapting to your specific needs, challenges and circumstances that opportunities are getting more and richer. Of course, it’s a little easier to review sales classes A, B or C in a busy everyday life. Or a good laugh and an inspiring kick-off. Fortunately, there is room for all of us, our needs and our wishes. In the market for development and sparring you can get everything your heart can ask for.

Here is my “hidden” agenda

It’s not a secret that I would like to sell you my expertise – for money. I do not write my posts for my smooth face – not at all. I simply believe that regardless of who you or your business are, your circumstances and wishes that we together can create a breakthrough. Therefore, I write my posts: So you can get to know me a little better, and maybe want to have a conversation about your business wishes.

Are you and the business in a place where more of the same no longer can cover your entire business. Where “a kick in the habitual thinking” can make sense, and where creating results are never to be compromised, I believe we can enroll in a “happy marriage”. On a hands-on level, I can share with you that I can deliver what I offer in lectures, sparring and processes.

We can start by drinking a cup or two of coffee and have a conversation about it.

Christian Campbell


+45 53 53 52 00

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I bet you have heard as much as I have about tools like ”open questions”, ”objection possibilities”,  ”the numbers game” and “market conditions” or whatever,  if you in any shape or form are working in sales and business? But we should ask ourselves one important and crucial question: How do we win the attention on our market, employees and customers? Business’ and people are drowning in opportunities in today’s world – so why should they choose you? Not because you try to do what others already did.

Give them a good reason – something meaningful

If you don’t get in front of your potential customers (or anybody else who is relevant to you) and win their attention, all your tools, ideas and products won’t do you any good (You being both the business and the individual). The whole point by thinking outside the box, innovating and challenging the status quo is to break the conventional thinking, leave the “red ocean” and help you get the attention which will make you an even more relevant choice – and by that create even better business.

Good timing?

And that is what I am offering you: How to win more attention in your market, increase sales, reach new customers and expand results.

If you invest the time, I’ll tell you how.

May the attention “hit” you 🙂

Christian Campbell
+45 53 53 52 00

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It’s a ”funny thing”, how saying things as they are can provoke the heck out of us. But it’s not that strange, really:

1. Let me give one out of the business-box example
2. Tree important psychological topics to consider
3. And then closing in on the undeniable business value of all this

1. One out of the business-box example

You are feeling fine
Life is good. Your spouse and you are in the car, the kids are at your parents and the destination you are heading in contains 3 days all about relaxation, reconnecting and what not. Just the two of you. Maybe the last couple of years have not been the easiest. Maybe you haven’t been the best version of yourself, but the same goes about your spouse. None of you have been giving the relationship the attention it deserves. But that is about to change now. The past is the past and you are now going to do something about it. No reason to hold grudges – no reason to dwell on the past: We can’t change what we have done in the past anyways. In the end – it’s all about the love you both felt the day at your marriage. Or the day your wonderful kids were born. You know this – you have a solid foundation to build on.

Let me fast this a bit forward
You can see the certainty in your soon to be; ex-spouse’s eyes: This is the point of no return – divorce. No argument. No compromise. No conversation. No nothing. A decision has been made and you have no say in this. All the “buts” are rising inside you – the need to understand and explain are screaming inside your head. Sadness, anger and panic flashes by in an instance – but none of it will make any difference.

2. Tree important psychological topics to consider

This article is NOT about saving marriages so let’s leave the conversation about who’s to blame behind. Let’s not go into who’s right and who is wrong. Sometimes it’s fair and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes people are crazy and sometimes they are not. But the psychology of this example contains priceless business value. This has many layers but I stick to 3 of them:

  1. Self-interest over empathy
  2. Not understanding your role
  3. Living by explanations not actions

1. Self-interest over empathy
Put in simplified words any encounter is a relationship and in business this is an extremely important and underestimated factor. Relationships are built on BOTH a clear “give and take opportunity for a valuable transaction” and a “meaningful personal chemistry between people”. The meaningful chemistry is often 100% ignored and much business is driven solely upon a “how can I get something out of you” mind-set and behaviour. Because this condition has become business as usual in many markets it’s often very, very difficult to get by our psychological guards and have the feedback sink in. Sometimes changing the context can “inspire” us and let the reality have a say. In a relationship between spouse’s it’s clear to most of us how an overly self-interested personality will ruin the quality between the people taking part in the relationship. Business is NO different. It’s never enough that you have a “good offer” and I have the money to pay for it. Valuable transactions can be compared with “being in love” – it’s a rush but it will never be enough in the long run. We also need empathy so “true love” can evolve. In business, this means wrapping our services and products in something more than “a good opportunity”. In business, we must, just as in a personal relationship, nourish and generate good chemistry built on a deeper understanding of the people around us. Internally and externally. Only empathy makes this possible – and empathy is often a challenged value in business.

I’m fully aware of the buzz-words and suppositious in business that contradicts this claim and I consciously do not address them in this article.

2. Not understanding your role
People in general leave relationships when we hate the version of ourselves we have become in context with our counterpart. So, if we for now leave out the people leaving relationships because they themselves are immature, irresponsible and messed-up, the business comparison proves invaluable: If our role in the business is solely motivated by self-interest we will misunderstand and fail our purpose. We might succeed in reporting internal KPI’s and playing the political game, but when push comes to leadership- and growth-shovel, our value (if measured) will prove negative – just like red numbers do in finance. Any relationship we enter with the mind-set of getting OUR pay-off fulfilled without “paying” for it will grow obsolete. We will grow obsolete.

I have seen “this” a million times; individuals spending hundred thousands of Euros to benefit their own interests without really paying back the business by providing solid business-value. We simply totally miss out on truly understanding our own role in the overall picture, and become parasites both to the business and the people working there. And some of us just don’t care about this and accept it as a business circumstance one must live with.

I have experienced it myself and heard similar stories from others telling about announcements like: “Yes we like to expand our growth 20% this year, but right now we are too busy to react upon this”. So, most people in business are goal-oriented if you ask them, the interesting question to answer is: What is their true goal – themselves, the business or both? This leads to my next point.

3. Living by explanations not actions
Going back to the breakup mentioned here above: “All the “buts” are rising inside you – the need to understand and explain are screaming inside your head. Sadness, anger and panic flashes by in an instance – but none of it will make any difference.” Simply because no one gives a shoot about the “reasons why”. All we will ever reap is the consequences of what we do, we can’t blame others (really we can’t) and what we DO is solely what we can change. In both business and in a relationship it’s a double-fail if you can explain “why”, didn’t react and then start to explain “why” in hindsight. In business “the business” will not leave you, it will “ask” you to leave.

Let’s kill the cliché-philosophy contaminating “the only thing you can change is you concept”. I personally have also (just like you) done the stupidest things in both business and life. But it’s not always because I’m stupid. Sometimes I am (and so are you), no doubt, but other times my mistake is the people I accept invitations from. The circumstances I accept. The lies others tell I buy into. Explaining do not provide any business- or human value: Understanding it, learning from it and changing behaviours from it does.

The only people feeling stimulated from explanations are those who holds in favour showing up unprepared, lazy and self-absorbed.

3. Closing in on the undeniable business value of all this

Going back to the beginning of this article: Why isn’t it that strange, saying things as they are, can provoke the heck out of us?

Because we want
1. Easy to understand and follow structure
2. Something simple to believe in
3. Tools that tell us we don’t need to change to have things change for us

But on the other hand we need
1. To truly understand both our success and fiasco factors within
2. Understand complex human psychology and convert it into simple business value
3. To roll up our sleeves and work twice as hard on ourselves than we do in our job

Often saying things as they are stimulate what we need and not what we want. It’s like asking a sugar-addicted to drink plain water: To just do it and shut up. In business – especially in successful business’ – we are extremely conditioned to have people in endless bunches fight to deliver us what we want, to have us pay some invoices. The more in power we become as leaders the less truly honest feedback we get, and we also need that.

In business, we need all sorts of people and we can contain a broad variety of people. But the undeniable value of this article is to find the individuals who master what this article points to, and have them do what they do best and don’t get in their way.

Important learnings
1. Empathy is a key-factor in successful business’
2. Understanding one’s role and fulfilling it is an art
3. Businesspeople must measure themselves and others by their actions and not their explanations.

What to do now?
I will humbly invite you to a conversation about things as they really are in your business and see if we can provide each other considerable business value.

Call me at +45 25 69 77 72 or mail cc@gennembrud.nu

I will never claim I solely hold the perspective of how things truly are. The article is about the value of challenging the status quo and seeing things from another perspective.

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Would you like to reach out to more new customers, successfully?

Do you want to expand your results with existing customers?

I bet you have heard as much as I have about tools like ”open questions”, ”objection possibilities”,  ”the numbers game” and “market conditions” or whatever,  if you in any shape or form are working in sales? But we should ask ourselves one important and crucial question: How do we win the attention on our market? Business’ and people are drowning in opportunities in today’s world – so why should they choose you?

Give them a good reason – something meaningful
If you don’t get in front of your potential customers and win their attention, all your tools and products won’t do you any good (You being both the business and the individual). The whole point by thinking outside the box, innovating and challenging the status quo is to break the conventional thinking, leave the “red ocean” and help you get the attention which will make you an even more relevant choice – and by that create even better business.

Good timing?
And that is what I am offering you: How to win more attention in your market, increase sales, reach new customers and expand results with exciting ones in 2017.

I strongly believe the best transformations happens when they are possible and not when they are needed – but no matter where your business is in this spectre, give me a call or drop me an email, to start the journey.

May the attention “hit” you 🙂

+45 25 69 77 72

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Thanks for watching!

Your skills become obsolete, because your habits govern your mind-set. Learn more about how to break bad habits.

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