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Develop the business
Let’s get to it! Over the last two to three months I have been involved in quite a few conversations regarding personal development and business. Sometimes, as the geek I am in the psychology area, I might oversee some important information that to me became implicit, but to others is not. This leads to a really important and crucial point.

No movement or transformation
Often it is postulated that you need personal development to become successful. That is not the case. For instance: many, many business people meets and transcendence the expectations to earn money. That’s fairly called business success. The problem occurs when you get successful and do not transform that into personal development!

Your dignity
When you become successful and that success turns into arrogance, know-all attitude and it might even nourish your existing “bad sides” – well, it doesn’t take away you success; it takes away your dignity. So congratulations on the money, but what’s the point? Success is really not that difficult – to grow from it is (Sorry for this one, of cause there is more to it than this).

With great success comes great responsibility
When you become successful other people is starting to watch you, follow you, try to be you and copy what you do. That is you legacy! And to ensure you legacy you need personal development.

Require development
To become successful you need something different. You need to unwarp your self. To get more knowledge and insight into whom you are, and how you can capitalise on that. But basically that does not require any development, or personally change, so to speak.

Here is the wrap-up
If you want to use your success to create personal development – that is amazingly powerful…. And with that said, the people who are mixing success and personal development together, are often the ones who become extremely successful. But you don’t have to, to become fairly successful.

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