When something is really, really important to you – here’s what to do!

Not to be lightly handled
Imagine you have something really important at hand! Not just the average important, but really, really important. All your senses are at full alert and your feelings are set in motion. It can be business, it can be private, no matter what – this situation is not to be lightly handled.

You hold all skills required
You might know all the facts. You might have the professional tool-set required in place for instance, but do you read your self and the surroundings properly? Why are you so keen on this specific solution? Why are you interpreting the competition the way you are? And why are they behaving as they are – do you have the full overview?

What’s the basic motivation
Creating a plan, whether for business or personal, has a lot to do with the key elements; the marked and other specific circumstances present in for instance the business. But with that said; so has the basic motivation of the individuals given the task to develop it. Are they fear driven? Are the opportunity driven? Are they money driven? Or are they driven by status symbols? If this plan is develop under pressure…. What strategies is the responsible personal using when pressured?

Habits govern results
I’m sorry to express myself like this – it’s not personal! But it is simply impetuous to believe that your psychology and habits don’t govern how you solve the task at hand! It’s an common mistake to separate personal competences and results – don’t make it!

Takes away your fear
This specific spot in this article, is by the norm the perfect timing for a five point, how to do, hands on, fast implementable guiding tool that saves you from yourself, takes away your fear, provide you with a warm feel-good emotion which tells you; you are fantastic, there is hope – just do as I multimillionaire-copy-worthy-done-all-the-hard-work-for-you-mastermentor tells you to do…. and you reach stars…… a thousand times!

But it won’t come! Here comes something other….

Driven by becoming better, not alone by reaching the end result
Most of you, reading this article – are already highly competent. I know you are because I know many of you on a personal or professional level – and that’s why it makes sense to me, spending time communicating with you. Some of you already know of my 15%, 70%, 15% philosophy and for those who don’t; the first 15% is the top-performers: The top-performers in groups, in business’ and in society in general. The top 15% desires personal development, can’t live without it, and knows through experience that quick fixes just don’t cut it – this is for you!

Significant difference
I will share with you, I believe, some extremely crucial personal competences which when developed and continuously nourished will make a significant difference in both business and life. I promise you now, it won’t be a walk in the park, but it will be worthwhile!

“The list”
ONE: Thinking big with small means

When you have all the opportunities in the world, thinking big is not special. When your business is successful by market circumstances, selling is not that difficult. Thinking big with small means: money, resources, time and people are an art. The person claiming more won’t be as successful as the person gaining more. The future is about adding on value, not about providing more stuff. So teach yourself how to create something out of nothing and there will be plenty of people with nothing, asking for your services!

TWO: Social intelligence
The double meaning of this one is of significant importance. You have to be intelligent in social contexts, but you also have to do intelligence on people. Not the negative clinging kind, but the kind that build on curiosity. Be interested. Be listening. Be present. Know people and they will reward you for your interest. Don’t mistake this one for only being about relations – this is just as important, when you develop products or build the next FACEBOOK.

THREE: Lean to detect and unlearn bad habits
Times has as always changed, and right now one of the consequences is that everybody (almost) will do at least one re-branding of themselves and their skill set. This means we will build competences and insight, start making money, feeling secure, and then have to make a drastic change. Most likely the younger generations will have to do three or four re-brandings. It will no longer be about your readiness to change – it will be about your ability to handle change – find the things you actually do that don’t work and teach your self something new, that meets the “reality” at hand.

Fact about habits: The common standard is that other people see your bad habits long before you see them your self.

FOUR: Unusual communities
Being part of a group with individuals who has a well integrated culture of giving straight and to the point feedback, will be a significant factor in future success. We are all great individuals, but the world is no longer about being great – its about being part of something great. And people make people great! Your ability to influence groups and your skill set on how to build cross-functional relationships are of significant importance.

If you have any comments or questions my mail is cc@gennembrud.nu

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