Results are easy!

Really, results are easy – so why do we often get overly provoked by this claim? Let’s get to it. Saying results are easy is not the same as saying they come without a price-tag. Results always comes with a price-tag and that boils it down to my point: Results, as everything else, are not worth paying too much for. 

Don’t be the consumer
If we invest in anything it’s clear we must pull out more than we put in, to make it a sensible transaction. If we invest 1 million in a market and “it” only buys for half a million, based on that specific million, it’s clearly not worth the money. But half a million is a result, and it can seem as a good one, if presented with the right tools. But in this specific case, we are in the wrong end of consumption.

I have done it myself

  1. Doubled the turnovers and paid for it with all my time and my health.
  2. Changed the market and paid for it with my friendships and marriage.
  3. Reached my KPI’s and paid for them by drowning myself in hands-on operations and by taking over “the thinking part” in my department.

Name a mistake and I have made it myself or seen others make it. 

To me it’s clear, in business, that the art of causing something to happen MUST come with a clear sense of investing. Not only regarding money but regarding everything that’s on the table:

  1. Time.
  2. People.
  3. Money.
  4. Resources.
  5. Knowledge.
  6. And you name it. 

Instead of simplifying money or simplifying people and so on – we must learn how to:

  1. Survey them all.
  2. Include them all.
  3. And then simplify what we now know into actionable business.

This is what it truly means working smart and then hard.

All this is also a vital part of what you invest in, working with 
When I’m with you, I’m better. When you are with me, you are better. When people join forces with others, they become more and get even better. I believe your success, is my success – and to get you there, I will provoke the best out of you.

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