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High revenue despite obvious deficiencies

The happy circumstances of business are, if we lack the skills, the visions and the ideas ourselves that we through traditional market analyzes, despite their obvious flaws, and via “the giving the customer what they want paradigm” can create quite ok economic results.

It can also generate quite good business to lie in the slipstream of industries where pioneers disrupt and by that create renewed attention, and we can harvest the low-hanging fruits of it all. This especially if the company using this strategy has the financial muscles to invest more strongly in the market than its competitors.

An important security for financial results

This in fact ensures that we can generate good revenue and earnings even in organizations where the competencies are not freely available, and that also in cultures where motivation is a scarce resource. Fear-based management, the excel-sheet and the business as usual mind-set can create satisfying results. This is a great mechanism and security that many companies master.

Perhaps worth thinking about for an hour

Having said that, it’s an exciting thought to imagine what happens in a company when, besides these traditional virtues, we add other competencies, motivations and visions. If you feel like pursuing this thought, then I’ll play a little with it for the rest of this article – and hope this can bring value to you and your company. If not, fortunately such an article here is quickly and painlessly clicked away from.

What if?

Companies that have successfully built strong economic muscles constantly and proactively invest some of that money in outperforming themselves? This may sound a bit crazy immediately, but conversely, there are always people from the outside who are constantly trying out perform you. Most of the outsiders will fail, but suddenly someone will be successful in trying! And now; it’s better business if this happens from within and not from the outside. I hope the reason for this is clear?

However, “playing” with people who have a completely different mindset and behavior than the rest of the organization, and asking them to constantly “hack” the business model, products, services and methods, to create solid business value has unlimited potential. If this project immediately seems unrealistic, there are serious companies that successfully hire a business provocateur (me) to run this project on their behalf. It is often cheaper, easier to get started with and easier to entrust once the organization is ready.

One of the great many advantages by doing this is that those (internally) who do not want to challenge the status quo can escape this. It is a wonderful freedom to offer one’s employees. This also ensures that only those who want to challenge the same (the status quo) are the only ones who must spend time on the project. Win / win.


That you are constantly creating freedom and time for management to “leave” the rat race and think strategically. And that you spend this time analyzing and pressure-testing own ideas, behaviors and industry logics. It can happen in companies that a management actually never really gets “real” feedback. It may be so, as you rise in the degrees as a leader, and gain more power, that the quality of the feedback you receive is declining. This of course only in organizations where there is a certain number of employees who are afraid of losing their jobs and therefore begin to care for their own job-security before pursuing the company’s interests in achieving increased results.

This sparring is also easily accessible and economically reasonable if you hire the business provocateur (me).

What is this really about?

In fact, there are many many options, and the exciting thing is often if I spend some time adapting to your specific needs, challenges and circumstances that opportunities are getting more and richer. Of course, it’s a little easier to review sales classes A, B or C in a busy everyday life. Or a good laugh and an inspiring kick-off. Fortunately, there is room for all of us, our needs and our wishes. In the market for development and sparring you can get everything your heart can ask for.

Here is my “hidden” agenda

It’s not a secret that I would like to sell you my expertise – for money. I do not write my posts for my smooth face – not at all. I simply believe that regardless of who you or your business are, your circumstances and wishes that we together can create a breakthrough. Therefore, I write my posts: So you can get to know me a little better, and maybe want to have a conversation about your business wishes.

Are you and the business in a place where more of the same no longer can cover your entire business. Where “a kick in the habitual thinking” can make sense, and where creating results are never to be compromised, I believe we can enroll in a “happy marriage”. On a hands-on level, I can share with you that I can deliver what I offer in lectures, sparring and processes.

We can start by drinking a cup or two of coffee and have a conversation about it.

Christian Campbell


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