The formula – that makes everything else work!

When it comes to growing a business significant (or anything else for that matter) it is utterly important having the skill-set of making all you already know work to the fullest. There is absolutely no sense in sowing a new crop, if the already ripe ones are still waiting for you to harvested them.

Real breakthroughs starts with what you already got
If a ripe fruit is left on the tree it falls of and turns rotten. This extremely simple principle of nature also applies to existing knowledge and results. In business it means that others learn from your mistakes, and turns it into profitable results. Others build the next generation of products based on your expertise. That makes you fight to survive even though you in reality have all the advantages – often the “world” knows this, but the “dinosaur” don’t get its close to extinction.

Business Unusual rules the future
The ability to know what you know, and make it mean something completely different, it the skill of a winner. To draw meaningfulness out of the ordinary and then spice it up with true innovation, is what the Apple’s, Carnegies, Ford’s and Coca Cola’s of their times does – again and again. From there every body else is just hunting a percentage of the “cake”.

Are you interested in harvesting the ripe fruits of your market? Are you interested in keeping the knowledge of your company in-house?  Do you see the advantages of creating the new generation of products in your industry?

Know more about the “formula that makes everything else work!”
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