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Campbell’s blog: The ”King/Queen of motivation” moves the world by meaningfulness!

No matter what you desire to succeed by, you are dependent on your ability to wrap your product, service or message into something that makes sense to your ”audience”!

Sell more! More growth! Lead better – the first key is to become the master of meaningfulness – know more after reading this!

First: Accept the facts!
Of the four actions I will present to you in this article, to accept the facts is the first one. When it comes to meaningfulness, no matter how great a communicator you become, you will never say something that makes sense to everybody. That’s a fact you have to accept! Why? You may ask. But of course when you do – you can start to communicate very clearly and efficiently to the audience to whom you make perfect sense!

Second: Know what “they” want!
Knowing what people want is not the end – it’s the beginning! But if you don’t get what “they” want, you can never provide them what “they” need – and meaningfulness is closely tied to our needs. Henry Ford is quoted to have said: “If I had a asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses!” But what Ford provided people with, was a revolution of personal transportation – not faster horses. He understood what they wanted!

Third: Provide what “they” need!
Giving people what they want is about trust, and is best compared to entertainment. If you make “me” smile, laugh, think and feel good “I” will allow you to challenge “me”! Challenging people is giving them what they need. What people is already good at or familiar with, will not provide them their need – true innovation; something that changes how they conduct, what they conduct! The reason why this is what they need is; if they don’t innovate they turn obsolete!

Fourth: Act according to your believes!
Your products, services or systems are not what people connect with; they connect with your values. And your values is based on your believes. So instead of talking about high quality products, it’s far easier to humans to follow and understand a business that acts upon believes: “We believe high quality makes you great – fast!” If the businesses don’t over talk this subject, but on the other hand proves to me by action, that this is “true” – selling “me“ something is not that complicated.

Meaningfulness is extremely important to the truly ambitious businesses or/and individual. The average business mind-set is centred on providing a product or service solely as an excuse to gain own interests. Meaningfulness is about putting something truly valuable into people’s lives in trust that it will result in something amazing. Amazing is not cheap – amazing rewards all sides to the party!

Best regards,

Christian Campbell – the Art of causing something to happen!


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