The ugly truth about Apple!

Success makes most companies arrogant and lazy! Or in reality, most people working in successful companies don’t have the personal skill-set to contain success, and use it as leverage to “the next big thing.” Most people stagnate, settle and see clinging on to the job as being successful!

Of cause not you – but many, many others! with Christian Campbell
Provocation – the Art of causing something to happen!

Great value turns rotten
“Stay foolish, stay hungry” Steve Jobs stated in 2005 at a talk, at Stanford University. I have heard this statement repeated over and over again a million times – rarely I have seen it put into action. That’s how wise words become clichés, worthless and worst of all – what they point to becomes hidden to us all; they are spoken but not delivered upon!

I once hired a salesrep. who had been extremely successful in his career. We were all hyped when he signed the contract and everybody’s hope was high. We all had the feeling; now something special is going to happen! What happened was extraordinary!!!

Good or bad?
Nothing happened, absolutely nothing! And to make a long story of suffering short, this guy was extremely good at “selling” brands. When he had a product or a service that a company had skilfully branded he was really good at expediting customers who wanted the product. But when we needed him to SELL, nothing happened.

Imagine what would happen if a business created a great brand, and put it into the hands of great salesreps.!!!

Back to the ugly truth about Apple!
So what is the ugly truth about Apple and any other successful business? When they as a business become too efficient, the truly skilful people no longer feel they are needed! They don’t see them selves as someone who can flourish and apply value to the business. They will seek development elsewhere.

Now the people who “need” a job, point their attention to the company! Now the people who “want” a job, point their attention to the company! The people who desires to “be part” of the success, but not “take part” and “create future influence” to secure the success comes storming.

3 important questions
So are you hungry to become even better?
Are you brave enough to enter areas where you look foolish?
Are you provocation ready?

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