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Imagine we as leaders could mix our experiences with our children’s openness, to look for new directions when we are stuck!?
Imagine we as leaders could have a third of our children’s willingness to admit when we don’t get it, and try new ways!?
Imagine if we as leaders taught our kids to inspire and not to manipulate!?
Imagine that!?

Going somewhere, attaining something
I believe we all know, or at least once we knew, that there are many, many ways of reaching a goal. Going somewhere, attaining something or earning money – as many people as we are in the world equals the possible ways of reaching our goals. And therefore I believe that asking ourselves while conducting our businesses; what is the price we pay? Is extremely relevant and worthwhile.

A good investment
When it comes to money most of us are quite clear: You invest 100 euro’s and it pays of 130. That’s a good investment. But when we mix the value measurements – some of us sometimes become confused or overly committed to, as an example, the money!

Some manipulate, some inspire
Some manipulate our markets by pricing – cheap, cheap, cheap and by that, in the end, get stuck when it comes to earning more. Others inspire their customers to become part of a movement – and the “world” seems still open even when others analyse; “that Apple will go under without Steve Jobs”.

“Nothing lasts forever” we say – but is that really the truth?
I believe that as long as there are human beings in the world, inspiration will outlast manipulation. Meaningfulness will outlast fear. That both the price we pay to reach our goals, and the gains we attain by reaching them can ad on value.

I believe you can do good, while doing great! I believe that to be a breakthrough!


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