Campbell’s blog: A game changer!

Imagine you have yourself a football, and in front of you a wall. The rules of the game you are about to play are quite simple; kick the ball at the wall, when it comes back – kick it again. Sometimes you kick the ball way to hard, and you have to duck to avoid getting a concussion, from having the ball coming right back at you. Other times you have to go get the ball at the wall, because the effort you put in wasn’t enough to have the ball bounce back again. The consequences of the effort you put in the game are clear and easy to understand.

Game changer
Now imagine the wall is other people and the ball is your thoughts, your words, your emotions and your actions. The game is still the same; kick the ball and deal with what comes back at you – but the game now became more complex. Other people are not as static as a wall. Your thoughts, words, emotions and actions are not as round and reliable as a ball.

What is possible
The game at the wall is simple and easy, but it’s also a game, which exclude others – However doing business or life, exclusion is not possible! The “games” you are playing include other people and how they react – and how they react, in context with you, are strongly dependable on what you are “kicking” their way.

More and easier
Imagine the game is still kicking a ball, and having it come back to you. If you use the wall, it’s all up to yourself and your own effort. If you change the conditions and kick the ball to somebody else, who is motivated to kick it back – you just saved half the effort, but ensured the same result. And experience tells us, that the magic arises when one becomes several.

Of course this example is way to simple and with minimal details – but it points to something very important; the future belongs to them, who know themselves and their impact on others so well, that they manage to inspire others to include their resources, talents and effort in the “game”!

That’s a strong breakthrough!

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