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Much business can be compared with the following analogy: a chef using really bad quality ingredients while hunting the perfect recipe. Fantastic food, businesses or what not is a combination of high quality ingredients and strong recipes. 

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Let me read it for you

The dilemma
Human beings are the most vital ingredient in any business, science, relationship or transaction! No recipe will ever be great without “them”. That’s a hard-core fact. Being human though is not simple. We live in a constant dilemma: We think we know, but it is proven again and again that we don’t know. The problem with this is another dilemma: We like to appear, as if we know stuff!
Let’s use being objective as an example
So being objective suddenly is interpreted as shutting of emotions and taking a more mental and non-emotional approach – but anything human evolves around emotions, so shutting emotions of has nothing to do with being objective: I would more call it a loosing formula. But hey, if everything is simple it’s easier to appear smart.
Putting “it” in an excel-sheet
Often “being objective” ends up with us believing that effective business is done solely in an excel-sheet. The challenge with the-simplified-excel-sheet-outlook is the payoff it provides. The world simplified, for most of us, is easily understood and understanding feels good. Seeing human beings as an important ingredient requires on-going interest, curiosity, skills and empathy. Often that makes everything much more complex – and therefore harder to understand and master. Approaches based on formulas build by people with a sociopathic-like-mentality; via the excel-sheet-with-no-emotions-approach has won power in “the race for results”. The consequence of it is good, intelligent and actually caring people do terrible things, unknowingly. But that is actually not the true problem – lazy people are: The people who know about all this, but in convenience chooses to ignore it and stick to the business as usual “religion”.
The solution
Winning people and businesses make human psychology their business. Everybody else tries to implement people and HR in their business. The more you open up, entering topics in which you appear a novice, and start learning and mastering what you find, the more breakthrough potential you will attain.
Why? That’s a conversation I gladly invite you to have with me 🙂

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