With a quivering heart and trembling knees!

Everything we as humans build, is build layer by layer. Nothing we do is in reality one-sided! We build our lives, business, friendships, families and what not layer by layer. One of the layers, which are quite important, is movement – to progress!

Force of nature
Movement can be forced upon us by circumstances, or movement can be something we choose to seek for. No matter what: movement is a certain part of everything human. What’s interesting is if the movement provides something constructive or destructive?

By being a business provocateur, I have clearly stated that I believe movement is something we must seek out. I believe we can use this amazing force of nature in our own favour – if we dare to!?

As humans two issues (a least) rules our psychology: What we want, and what we need! What we want is like when kids want coca cola; they want it but we know as adults it’s not what they need. Sometimes we give them what they want, other times we give them water, we give them what they need.

This defines provocation and being ready
To provoke means stop giving people what they want, and start finding out what they need. Back to movement: Giving people what they want do not create movement. It creates pleasure and nothing is wrong with that – it’s just not movement.

Part of being provocation-ready is to contain the discomfort, when your mind is getting use to NOT getting it’s “coca cola want” meet and start investigating what it is you need, to breakthrough!

With “love” and respect

Christian Campbell

Need a key-note on PROVOCATION!?!?!

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