Charity – outsourcing kindness!

Too much has become about “me, me, me” and too little is about the collective. Too much is about collecting wealth and fame and then, when I’m fulfilled, sharing it with the world. I’m into wealth, fulfilment and achieving, personally – but I have learned a hard earned and a powerful lesson about all three of them, I like to share with you.

One of the four values I disseminate to activate a clear and valuable provocation is: Timing! Many have misinterpreted timing to mean something like: The ability to be at the right place at the right time. But that is not timing!

Timing is a skill
Timing means owning the ability to deliver what the moment requires or needs from you. You are here now – are you capable of finding what is right, right now? That’s a skill! Timing is also our personal formula to breakthroughs or breakdowns. Some of us are addicted to breakthroughs and some of us to breakdowns. But let’s get back to charity and why it’s relevant, and challenge it with a solid “timing” evaluation.

Too many are passively waiting for a “perfect moment”!
Of cause this is not you, but let’s imagine that people could follow a timing formula similar to this – and yes it is simplified.
1. I want money
2. Because when I have money I’m free
3. And when I’m free I’ll take good care of my family
4. And then, then I share what I have with others (The charity)
5. And then I’m complete…. Feeling fulfilled

Kill your competitors?
Doing something valuable for and with others arrives late in this formula. It invites us to develop solely self-focused qualities, but on the other hand it seems like people who creates breakthroughs actually are doing good to others the whole yard. I have heard successful business people saying; “you should be prepared to “kill” your competitors at all times” followed with sharp eyes and strong attitude. But when I work with them over a longer period of time all I SEE them DO, is helping people around them. Caring about people. Maybe not all people in the whole world – but at least people in their family and in the business situations they enters on a daily basis. I believe that’s why they are successful – they have not outsourced their own goodness.

Busy attaining something
It’s seems like we have bought the focus of the self-help industry; “me, me, me!” We fail to develop internal good, because we are so busy attaining something, and we end up outsourcing our goodness until later. But what would help you the most might be for you to be a good person.

What if the formula was more like this?
1. I always strife to be a complete human being
2. Coming from being fulfilled I share who I am with others
3. I take care of my family
4. I am free
5. Now let’s go make some money

What kind of human being are you
Of cause we have to work on all five of them at all times, simultaneously. Don’t wait until fulfilment arrives to get off your butt and make some money – but on the other hand; what kind of human being are you when money are the top of your timing list, or if to be complete is?

Don’t outsource your goodness to later charity! Be someone who does “good” to others, by being a good person. That seems like being the best thing you can do for you, if breakthroughs interests you. The person doing something meaningful to the world tends to be better with money, than the person who wants money for the sake of money.

I don’t believe this article tells the truth – I don’t hold the truth. I want to provoke you enough so you expand, and might find something valuable to you.

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