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Before the (week)END #2 – Who and How?

The following 6 vital business and leadership questions have continuously proven highly valuable:

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  1. Who are the few “ambassadors” ensuring the business thrives in the future?
  2. Who are the many driving the “basic results-creating machinery” in the business?
  3. And, who are the few but powerful individuals always undermining both the first and second group?

And after we have identified that:

  1. How do we lead, inspire and motivate the first two groups?
  2. How do we support and develop the corporation between the “ambassadors” and the “basic results-creating machinery”?
  3. And, how do we handle the powerful few but highly destructive individuals correctly?

The reality of leadership is rarely “a Disneyland-like experience”. We often find ourselves in businesses that employs a broad variety of humans whom do not react like “they are supposed to” according to common sense and the management philosophies of the ages. Therefore it’s a given circumstance that we as leaders must contain more than one people-strategy to ensure the desired business-results.

What to possess to find the answers?

  1. Finding and implementing relevant tools matching your business-needs as perfectly as possible starts by seeing the full picture. No, you and I don’t see the full picture by ourselves.
  2. Then simplifying it. This really means figuring out which few factors, out of many, that will affect the business most efficiently. Oversimplifying is not it.
  3. And at the same time – as secure as possible – bring the business to its goal(s). Often fast becomes the autocratic measurement scale.

So, see the full picture and convert it into a simple and easier to understand map. A map that show people the most secure road to the goal(s). That is it 🙂 if you have leadership-responsibilities.

There is a specific psychology and strategy behind finding the correct answers and if you are interested I can share them with you.

Have a wonderful weekend