Imagine you desire to learn how to play golf [1]. As the modern human being you are, you know that modelling [2] is the way forward. Therefore you find yourself a golf coach who has helped a bunch of aspiring golfers before you, and who have spent thousands of hours on mastering the game him- or herself. Now you are out there on the golf course. You bought all the ugly clothes, all the unreasonable expensive equipment and your trainer is standing by your side, and what do you do?

It happens not only on the golf course
You begin to discuss golf techniques and training philosophies with your trainer – intense, dedicated and based on absolutely no experience. You fight until the last drop of blood and for every minute that passes, your investment in equipment, training and time more and more become worthless. Why? Because you are devoid of patience! Let me explain.

It is quite obvious
If you need to be good at anything, then TIME is a crucial factor. You are simply not going to become good at anything, without investing the time. Yes, it is quite obvious that time can be used both smart and not smart – but that game only becomes relevant when you HAVE put in a serious effort. So let’s start from the beginning! To master a game, a business, an industry, or anything else requires patience. Here I do not mean the patience that makes us to wait, wait, wait – but the patience that makes us try again and again and again … ..

It happens every single day
I see the golf-example “in action” every single day. People actually stand on a spot in their careers where they need the right coach and the right team around him. Ha, often it’s all available, but the person prefers taking the time to “play it smart” regarding things that the person in no way qualifies to. It is here we could touch the previous two values ​​out of four, where patience is the third, but not right now. People attract competencies in the Holy Spirit of modelling – as to portray us self as if we already know it all.

Being the best create the best results
Patience is the key to “coping” – to master your life, your business or whatever it is, you see as a breakthrough for yourself. I’m faced daily with sellers who talk as if they know what sales are, but for the last 24 months has been falling behind budget. With leaders who know their business inside out but because of arrogance have no “luck” creating a real breakthrough: “I’m on index 114, so I guess it goes quite well!” Come on, you are carried through by being part of a successful organization: YOU HAVE SO MUCH MORE POTENTILA, IF YOU HAD THE “BALLS” … .. COME ON NOW !!!!

Invest in learning “it”
Patience means: containing bravery! Mediocrity wins so extremely many matches because we cannot contain what bravery demand of us. Who does not look foolish the first times we try something new. Who does not get dizzy every time we meet a new and truly different logic than our own? And oh my G.. it’s only the few who invest in learning how to be patient; to leave the comfort zone and stay there until we break through.

But hey – if you are up for it, I like to challenge you and your patience!

Best wishes on your success,

Christian Campbell


[1] I must not hesitate to say that I’m in no way is an expert in golf. This is just a example.

[2] In short, to go out and find people who master the things we want to learn, and experientially learn much faster, without having to make all the same mistakes that so many before us have committed.

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