Marianne Jegård

Marianne Jegård har samarbejdet med i forskellige sammenhænge.

Vi har opnået ambitionerne, der hvor vi har samarbejdet.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Christian in two different settings. He has been on the advisory board on a bigger non profit project, I was involved in during 2011/12 and Christian was, with great competence and innovative thinking, helping us with concept and strategy development.
I have in 2013 worked with him in a course of 10 personal sessions. Christian has in a unique –cut the crap- way been an inspiring guide to help me adjust my inner compass.
He uses a mix of provocation, humor, eastern philosophy, psychological expertise and business skills and combines that with his brakethrough system. The brakethrough system, has been a magic tool to help me navigate in new territory and implement the new knowledge to be a part of my personal life mastery strategy. I am absolutely not new to the selfdevelopment field, but have experienced that working with a systemized approach like this is extremely efficient.

I feel a new and still growing contact with my inner strength and am able to navigate through both my personal and business life more constructively. I highly recommend Christian, if you are serious about taking your personal and business life to new levels.”

Marianne JegårdCEO Health Support