Specifically designed for organizations applying for permanent breakthroughs! Those who “desperately” want things to happen and continue to happen – also in the future!

What implementation can do for you
Hand on heart; so extremely many more tastes the bitterness of failure rather than the sweetness of success. Implementation is powerful! Implementation works! However, I have also learned over the years that there is significantly more that “knows” how to create a breakthrough than the number that actually breaks through. Who is no coincidence, and I take on your behalf this fact very seriously. The value of implementation is that what you want to happen actually is going to happen!

You must consider
Most breakthroughs happen as a consequence of a revolution. Some breaks out, because they feel suffocated, or because they have been victims of a “bloody rebellion”. Few do as bird phoenix and rises again from ones own ashes. Steve Jobs became a significantly better CEO after Apple fired him. Carnegie became “really rich”, after the state forced him to divide his empire into smaller units. Carnegie and Jobs is the exception and not the rule, and the revolution is far from the most efficient way to create breakthroughs. To break through can be done much more carefully and more efficiently. I deliver a concept and a method that creates breakthrough via secure transformation. Your consideration should be whether you truly want a breakthrough, or whether the status quo is fine for you?

About being a provocation-ready
Is your answer; yes, we want a breakthrough, no more status quo! Now the requirement to you is to provide provocation-readiness. This means that you are willing to try out other logics and angles than your own. That you will leave your comfort zone, because what you want to happen, is so important to you that it is excluded that you give up. You want “it” – and I want it intensively! It is about your commitment – you give that, I’ll provide the rest.

It lies so deep in the human psyche that a breakthrough requires a revolution – and it is quite logical that far from all want that kind of noise. Therefore, resistance and fear often grows strong when we stand in the doorway to something new – and the winning team take this into consideration. 100% you already know this scenario; plans are made, the intentions are good, motivation is high and then the business as usual mind-set takes over. Implementation with gennembrud.nu bypasses this almost universal tendency of business as usual, and is securing the right things are going to happen.

Implementation is always designed to the specific circumstances. Implementation can feel quite fluffy at first, but only until we together have created the proper process – from there on implementation is VERY tangible, measurable and action-oriented. Implementation typically consists of a mix of strategy, Face-2-Face and education, all pointing toward the same goal: A breakthrough!

All parties involved will have an online login, where the overall process is documented, tools assembled and actions organized. Here everyone can always log on, and thereby get greater and greater benefits from the implementation.

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