Some hundred years ago, in the western world, we started a “rational” journey toward sense, linear logics and proven based decision-making. This nerdy fact can be the difference for you – between a business-life wasted or a business adventure lived – just ask Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, about that!

How? And where is the scapegoat fitting in, in all this? Read much more here!

Are there really a cause and an effect?
Let me start with the end result: Every time something “turns wrong” in business, we have built in this tendency of an implied logic that someone is to blame. We believe that there is a cause and an effect, and that our finest job is to identify who is the scapegoat – who is to blame?!

Picture perfect
But going back to our western journey towards logic, measuring the data and considering the facts. Based on what we “know” about humans; no one can overview the full picture. So in reality it’s a waste of time to try. Our human ability to focus on data is extremely limited and mixed up with our new-found narcissism, that believes the individual is the centre of the universe, the root cause of creativity and the King of attraction, we are in many contexts lost.

Well the conclusion is; it’s never about whose to blame, but much more about; what’s in “the air” right now? Who can tab into future trends? And do we have the ability to nourish creativity?

Find a scapegoat
Last month august 2013; Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft, announced he has planed his own retirement, within the next 12 months. And immediately the market reacted. Not all, but many voices spoke up regarding the resent downhill direction of Microsoft, blaming Ballmer for this trend. In the same breath the people blaming Ballmer insist to be some of the big thinkers!

The brand was strong
Microsoft is a gigantic company – one that “back in the day” was one of the frontrunners in the tech branch, a company that divided the waters and forced everyone to have a clear opinion about it. The brand was strong! Now the air became stagnated. The mood is historic and creativity left with the frontiers leaving after becoming millionaires. Is Ballmer to blame? What’s the difference?

The BIG thinkers
Business success in the future is not about rock stars, single individuals, but much more about usability and relevance. You win by leaving the believe-system that one person makes the difference alone. Microsoft, with or without Ballmer, needs to attract the big thinkers – the real big thinkers. The people who don’t care about blame but are committed to a future Microsoft renewed, modern and relevant.

What can you do – now?
And how can you learn from Ballmer, the critics and Microsoft? Never forget your customers! Never surrender to being content! Always stay inspired and deny every mind-set that excludes opportunities and prefers finding a scapegoat. Think big, talk big, feel big and act big! That’s how the is implemented.