Sometimes, when life is passing by, we recognize that not all the things our heart tells us, is actually coming from the heart. Our mind is playing its game on us, and the difference between our thoughts and emotions seems a blur.

Life as a pool
“I have to say this”, “I need to say this” and “I want this and that” – all feels authentic, strong and convincing. But as our “young convictions” has the nature of daydreams, our “old ones” has the nature of stones. They are hard, heavy and dragging us down. We experiences life as a pool in which we are drowning, but in reality we are choking by our own mindsets. Yes, there is water in the well, but we don’t have to hop in there, and blame the world for its “unfair circumstances”.

The heart can never be broken. The reason is quite simple, the material in which its build of don’t break. Our expatiations, dreams and hopes sometimes break down, but it doesn’t mean, that our heart is broken. Of cause it’s “just” a picture drawn by words that has the task of explaining a specific human experience. But it has nothing to do with a broken heart.

Teaching about life
“Love hurts” or “who needs a heart, when a heart can be broken” is words, sung into our minds by unique and amazing artists. But a beautiful voice bears no guarantee of spoken truth. We all cry, love, hate, succeeds and fails. It is a part of life, and why should the “universe” give us the ability to do those, if the hidden meaning behind it has only the perspective of despair? Is the universe friendly or not might have some importance to ask one selves.

Being “heart broken” is part of the human journey to destination joy. So then we experience the feeling called “heart broken”, the universe is in reality teaching us about life. Do we stay, hanging out with the teaching or do we pick it up and move on – it’s all in our mind!