As so many other terms, objectivity has been molested by quick-fix philosophies and oversimplification. It’s a result-killer and it leads us into expensive and time-wasting directions! I mean, reading my black and white definition of objectivity – did your emotions take of or not? Did your emotions react already with my “oBjectivity” headline?!

How objectivity becomes extremely valuable to you
When you are in the “business or life of influencing people”, objectivity can be the “small” detail that make the difference between breakthroughs and breakdowns. Objectivity is being able to contain the full package and still navigate smart. The power of influence is govern by emotions. If you use the cliché definition of objectivity: being mental and anti-emotional, you will fail!

But most of all
Objectivity is being both emotional and mental at the same time. Objectivity is the skill that makes “common sense” and emotions work together. But most important of it all: true objectivity is the ability to look in the mirror and see the person you are, and not an illusion of who you are. That will make you understand how much and which impact you have on others and the results you produce, both the desired and undesired impact.

The objectivity test
How I test the level of objectivity, before making a breakthrough-plan to my customers, is simple and very efficient. I provoke people, to conclude who prefers to stay inside their comfort-zone, and who are willing to leave it. No one creates breakthroughs from inside the comfort-zone!!!

Thank you so much for reading this input – your time is valued.

Christian Campbell

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