Business Provocateur
– I get hired to create positive disruption, to challenge the status quo and to provoke people to breakthrough.

I’m advising some of the most respected and influential companies in both Denmark and international, and has since 2004 helped even more to become it themselves. In 2011 I published, can I proudly say it is described as; the popular business bible “Business Unusual, how success defeats failure ” which is still helping countless leaders and salespeople, to challenge their habitual thinking.

I’m half English, but born and raised in Denmark, and is described as one of Denmark’s youngest entrepreneurs who already at the age of only 19 years old, started my own business. I am driven, direct and former lead singer of several heavy metal bands, so how to get a collective to swing, is one of my core competencies.

Building bridges between humans and economic growth
My motivation is to facilitate progress. Therefore I help both individuals and organizations to achieve meaningful goals. Not through traditional “performance coaching”, where the goal is the goal, for the sake of the goal but by including the individual’s need for meaningfulness in the process. How much does success really cost? And what does it take to master the art of causing something to happen.

I will always “force” you to take a stand
Although my style is sharp and confrontational, I wont step on your your toes – very often. My goal is not to piss you off or to make your jaw drop. My goal is make you think differently. The ability to provoke, associated with a well-developed situational awareness probably makes me someone you will always have an opinion about.

Extensive experience
My extensive experience providing over 7,000 personal face-2-face sessions, has built a professionalism you can’t get from reading books.  Clients says I possess the ability to predict human and organizational performance potential, and know exactly how it is utilized and have them have produced results that nobody thought was possible!

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