Imagine this!

You have yourself a big aquarium! It contains precisely 100 litters of pure and fresh water. To ensure the perfect condition in the aquarium, you need to secure that the amount of water remains the exactly same. The math of it is pretty straightforward: on a daily basis one cup of water evaporates, so you need to poor one cup in.

ideaPolluted content
It’s a simple, logic and foreseeable task. But what happens – you poor one cup of coffee in your aquarium on a daily basis. It takes only a few days before the small amount of coffee has polluted the complete content of your aquarium.

Nothing’s wrong with coffee
Now imagine this simple example fairly explains how your mind-set is build! You can have large amounts of great thoughts, but if what you poor in, in your container on a daily basis has the wrong quality, compared with what you which to obtain, you will destroy all the good stuff.

Nothing’s wrong with “coffee” – but if you need clean water ……..

The preferred quality
So to all of you: remember your green, yellow and red zones, to ensure the cup you poor in on a daily basis, have the preferred quality!

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