Provocation optimizes any leadership!

The higher up the hierarchy you go, the less qualitative feedback you get! Fewer and fewer people dare to challenge you constructively! It is not optimal, for the simple reason that no matter where you are looking at leadership today, the outlook needed is always more than what one person can manage alone!

Stop lying to yourself! Understand the power play even deeper and become an even more effective leader!

Provocation streamlines yield of leadership!
You, being provocation-ready as a leader, acts as a growth hormone in the business! You, as leaders are pioneers and creators of everything that expresses itself in the organization, and your impact can always be increased a 1000 fold! Without exception!

Provocation peels off all unnecessary nonsense!
The provocation-ready leader dares to face reality, and get rid of all unnecessary noise. No more managerial clichés! No more small talk! Leadership is the key to the best results possible, and of course you are interested in that – right!?!?

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