Perfect solution for salespeople, managers and ambitious individuals who want to break through – which has the ambition to make things happen!

What Face-2-Face can do for you
When you desire to create a breakthrough, naturally something new must happen. Sometimes what must happen is small things that need to be adjusted, other times it is more radical. Either way, the value of a personalized process is saving time, resources and mistakes on the road going there.

You must consider
I promise you results! If you do what we agree on, based on what I say; then you will get the breakthrough. If you as a manager are considering investing in Face-2-Face for your employees, the promise and claim the same to them: You must be provocation-ready, and you should consider whether you are!? The art of getting things to happen always ends with behavioral changes – and you must have the desire to act differently. Here’s talk and ideas alone are not enough.

About being a provocation-ready
Being provocation-ready means you are willing to try other logics and angles than your own. That you will leave your comfort zone, because what you want to happen is that important to you that it is excluded that you’ll give up! It is about your commitment – you give that, and I’ll provide the rest.

Sometimes we enter a Face-2-Face conversation, without knowing exactly what it is we want to achieve. Of cause that is perfectly ok – that can every well be our starting point, and as soon as we have the achievement in place we enters the above-mentioned process. It’s fine to be unsure and hesitant, just be prepared that the process will always act to establish the courage to move on from there.

Face-2-Face comes as personal sessions with duration between one to two hours, depending on needs. A typical process consists of 10 sessions, but is adjusted in relation to the objective and context. In Denmark the sessions can be arranged at my place in Copenhagen, but most often the sessions will be delivered at your workplace.

You get a personal online login, where your process is documented, the tools gathered and actions organized. Here you can always log on, and thereby get greater and greater return on your progress.

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